Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Be a part of the documentary!

The filming is done, and our film crew (i.e. Ashley) is settled back in Bend, OR; but the editing, production, and promotion still lie ahead before we complete the documentary on the Journey of Repentance. What do we need to get there? Your support.

Below is a list of the things we need in order to get this process rolling for a target completion in January 2010! I’ll come back and revise this list to let you know what we have acquired and what we still need. If you can provide any of the below, please contact Tamara at

Living Quarters for Ashley starting on October 28st and going through New Years
We have some options out of town, but depending on where her office / work space is we might be looking for something in the city. If you have, or know someone with, a spare room with some smalls amenities (microwave, single stove top, small refridgerator) that Ashley could stay in for this time. There is no expectation of providing food/etc for her during this stay.

Editing Machine and Software
If you have a MacBook Pro, a MacPro, iMac, or a fast PC with an operating system that can handle editing that you would be willing to loan to us for this project between November and January, it would be well taken care of, used only for editing, and much appreciated! Otherwise, we’re looking at purchasing a computer to fill this need, which could run anywhere from $1000-$2000, so donations are welcome.

If you can provide a desktop monitor for the editing process, we are looking for a 24-30inch screen

Tape deck
If you are a filmmaker or know a production company in the area, we are in need of a tape deck for two/three days in order to digitize our 35 hours of footage which are all on MiniDV tapes. We would provide our own external hard drive.

Office-like Work Space for Ashley
Somewhere in the Tacoma/Seattle area, ideally a small office space that is not being used. Ashley promises not to get in your way!

External Hard Drive to store footage on (This one is cheaper because it uses USB for the connection)
(this one is more expensive because it uses a faster connection, firewire)

General Office Supplies
Donations are greatly appreciated. Will provide a more detailed list in the near future.

We are hoping to be able to provide Ashley with a stipend from $500-$1000, all dependant on funding. Donations GREATLY appreciated.

Additional post-production costs
This includes sound mixing, color correction, and festivals submissions costs.

Graphics Designer for DVD art and Cover
A graphic designer for the cover and DVD art will be needed around November/December.

DVD Authoring/Duplication
Details on cost coming soon

Assistance in acquiring all of the above is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, suggestions, or donations, please contact Tamara at

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