Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hiroshima Panels

"Oh - even the baby would rise again, and on its feet toddle around, IF peace came."

This line came from a poem accompanying one of the Hiroshima panels we traveled to see yesterday. The artists portrayed well the destruction, suffering, death, and despair of the people of Hiroshima on the dropping of the A bomb, August 6th 1945. From the darkness, blood, fire, chaos of this hell, I tried to imagine being there. I went one step further and saw the spirit of the people rise as they exclaimed - Please, no more nuclear bombs! Peace please!

"The atomic bomb exploded on human hearts as well as upon human bodies."

We will arrive in Hiroshima today and prepare to be a compassionate presence to the Hibakusha, to remember with them 64 years ago, to try to perhaps bear the burden of pain for those who lived here.

I am so very honored to be with this group of people who have worked so ardently for peace.

- Demetra

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  1. You are a blessing to this group and to all you touch, Demetra! I was so happy when I heard you were going. Thank you for your steady, centered presence. I see you as a channel for the spirit of healing.

    "Even the baby... IF...."
    I will think about that a long time.