Sunday, August 2, 2009

The more the better!

We were all put immediately at ease with the Provincial, Fr. Adolfo Nicolas S.J.; he was very welcoming and gracious. The others meeting with him were Louis, Leslie, and the woman who kindly drove us, Mijumi and her daughter. We talked for an hour in a well set out board room, and he was very interested in how and why this group came together. He thought it was the first group in such a vein to come and express such deep sorrow; however, he was supportive of our mission.

I felt good to make this contact. His residence is at Sophia University, a very prestigious university in Japan. Sophia is not known for it`s active involvement in social justice however.

St. Ignatius Church is in that complex, so after the meeting we went to Mass by an Irish Vice Rector named Doyle, where there were around 800 people present. People came out of the mass and I was amazed at how many were there - particularly the young people, just scores and scores of young people.

Afterward we went to the Jesuit residence and grabbed lunch, and as before we had been wandering around Tokyo looking for distinguishable food, here we had a delicious meal provided for us.

This meeting falls into the social justice aspect of the group, as we need a deep connection with Japan through their universities. We need to get the Jesuits involved, particularly in the international issue of atomic weapons. The more interaction we have with them the better it is for action across the local and global scene.

- Bix

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  1. I agree with Steven Leeper, May 2010 is crunch time. I guess I question whether the leadership to take us to N.Y. will come from institutions. I guess I place my trust more in spirit driven individuals.